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Enjoy crafting and want to see what other projects we have lined up for you this season? Visit our Card Workshops page for more great classes.

At The Workshop we like to branch out and find new classes to excite you. All workshops have been designed to fit into our busy lives. Most of them consist of one class, with little or no homework. Each class has lots of instruction and all the help you need to complete your project. The workshops are designed for new and experience crafters. To simplify it even more, everything you need to complete your project will be supplied in class. If your workshop has homework we will call you the week before to pick it up with your instructions. Children 12 years of age and up are welcome to attend these adult workshops.

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Beginner Cricut/All Machines Workshop

“Know it All”

Cost: $45.00


Sat Apr 29th, 2017  10am-4:00pm


Sandy will take you through machine, mat & blade care, setting the correct pressure, depth & speed to get the best cuts and avoid tearing your paper. Learn the secrets behind layering, and negative & positive cuts. Find out how to get the most out of your cartridges & handbooks. We’ll help you understand your length & width cut sizes and you’ll learn all those function & feature keys on your cartridge skin.

We have lots of handouts and online info to keep you going at home, join us & Know it All! 

This class is for The Baby Bug, The Create and The Expressions 1

2017 Cricut Workshops

Cricut Expressions II  Cost: $45.00


We have no classes scheduled for this machine due to low class attendance.

Susan would be happy to run a private class on a Tuesday afternoon if you had a small group of 2 or 3 people.


Susan will take you through machine, mat & blade care, she’ll show you where the settings are for your pressure, depth & speed to get the best cuts and avoid tearing your paper. Learn the secrets behind layering. Find out how to get the most out of your cartridges & handbooks. We’ll help you find all those function & feature keys that are hidden in your machine and teach you what they do.

Join us & see what this new machine has to offer.

This class is for the Expressions II only

Advanced Cricut Expressions I Cost: $30.00


Sat May 13th, 2017 10am-3pm


Wonder what all the extra buttons on the left side of your Cricut Expression I Machine can do (mutli, flip, center point etc)? If you’ve taken the Beginner/All Machines workshop, you’re ready for this class. The Expression I really has some great features, so bring yours to our fabulous class and have Sandy teach you everything you need to know to use your machine to the fullest, saving you time & paper!  This workshop will complete your knowledge of the Expressions I. During this class we will also create a 3D cupcake that will hold a gift card, it’s sure to impress your friends.

This Class is for the Expressions 1 only.

With so many different machines now, we wanted to make sure you understand which class is best for you and your machine.  All of our class dates, times and prices are listed below and we open new classes each time they fill up, so don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Come join us and learn everything you need to know about your cricut machine.

The Baby Bug and The Create require only one class, “Beginner Cricut/All Machines”. This class teaches you everything you need to know about your machine, how to use your cartridges and read that confusing book.

The Expressions I requires two classes The “Beginner Cricut/All Machines” workshop and “The Advanced Expression I” where you will learn all the other buttons that the Baby Bug and The Create  don’t have.  All our students have told us that teaching everything all in one class is too overwhelming, but you will know it all when both classes are complete.

The Expressions II machine requires only one class because the touch screen has simplified things, but without the skins to show you where all the buttons are there is still a fairly big learning curve.

Cricut Craft Room will be taught to those with the Expressions I & II Cricut machines, see details below.



Cricut Craft Room for the Expression I & II Cost: $45.00

Cricut Expression I & II machines only


Students must come to class with Cricut Craft Room downloaded onto their laptops and a USB cord to connect their machines to their laptops


Saturday, March 18th or Tuesday, March 21st 10am-4pm


Join Susan as she helps you explore Cricut Craft room on your laptop.  You’ll be able to see and edit your cricut images up close on your laptop screen. You’ll learn how to join your images & words together as one, or pull your images apart and cut the section of the image you need. Then connect to your Cricut Expression machine and cut your designs. Susan has a fun lineup of birthday cards & party decor for you to create as you learn how to navigate your way through Cricut Craft room.

Cricut Explore & Cricut Air Workshops


We are sad to say that our internet capacity is not able to handle the number of students required to run this class. There are just too many interruptions and we don’t feel that this workshop would be up to our standards.